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Image of Thrashdrive™ 741 Carbine

Thrashdrive™ 741 Carbine


It's a timeless tradition among metal guitarist.. pushing your heads into sonic mayhem with an overdrive, but most often these overdrives are used with the gain low and the volume cranked.

The Thrashdrive™ is our solution for the all encompassing no bullshit boosting overdrive with the controls you need and leaving out the ones you don't.

The 741 Carbine features a crisp and dynamic response based on a LM741 opamp circuit. A single knob controls the output while three toggles offer several combinations of badassery.

• Body: Thickness
• Clip: Engages clipping diodes
• Gain: Adds more gain like a drive knob at 1 o'clock

Standard DMD Features:
• Optical Bypass
• Standard 9v Boss Style DC Jack (center negative)
• High Quality Components
• Hand Assembled in the USA

Ships via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate.

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